064-bsch Castle hotel Harz Mountains in Saxony-Anhalt Sachsen-Anhalt, Lower east Harz, Germany
Palace, Restaurant
Between Quedlinburg,  Magdeburg, Leipzig, Erfurt, Hanover, Hannover

Double bedroom for 2 people incl. breakfast buffet
Suite for 2 people incl. breakfast buffet
Apartment for 2 people incl. breakfast buffe

Extra bed for adults and children from 14 to 17 years incl. breakfast buffet
Extra bed for children from 4 to 13 years incl. breakfast buffet
Baby and child up to 2 years free in parents room

Vacation dinner package "Half-board" (incl. 3-course-menu)


Map, distances, parking, airports, railway

Map from Castle Schlosshotel Neuhaus in Bavaria between Frankfurt, Fulda, Suhl, Bayreuth, Bamberg, Schweinfurt and Wurzburg.

Road map 06493 Ballenstedt, © 2000 WHO

Other map from Bavaria in south Germany | Other map from Bavaria in south Germany


Freeway exit

Railway station

Direct railway connetions

Distances from
castle Schlosshotel Großer Gasthof Ballenstedt :

Braunschweig 89 km,
Magdeburg 71 km,
Dessau 81 km,
Leipzig-Halle 91 km,
Gera 178 km,
Erfurt 125 km

airport Leipzig / Halle  91 km
airport Erfurt- Bindersleben 125 km
airport Hannover / Hanover 159 km
airport Dresden 211 km
airport Berlin Tegel 227 km
airport Hamburg 296 km
airport Frankfurt / Main 362 km
airport Dusseldorf / Düsseldorf 405 km
airport Koln / Cologne / Bonn 418 km
airport Munchen / Munich 494 km
airport Stuttgart 534 km

airport Amsterdam 539 km
airport Strasbourg 554 km
airport Luxembourg 567 km
airport Basel 673 km
airport Zürich 724 km
airport Paris 882 km

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