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Castle hotel Mid Franconia | Map of Bavaria in South Germany

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History of the Castle

"In Franconia wide, for its beauty known,
there greets a castle upon a cone,
from times immemorial, Colmberg of name.
Easy to find, from wherever you came,
halfway between Ansbach and Rothenburg,
it thrones on a hill, 511 m above sea."

Castle ColmbergDocumentary history of the castle reaches back to the first millennium.

Apart from two ladies of the castle, Sophie and Gertrud, being mentioned in a council book of the City of Rothenburg in 1269, one of the most important documents is a contract of July 17, 1318, which confirms the sale of the castle by the Count of Truhendingen at the price of 6200 pounds heller.

Castle court yardOne year after the mentioned change of ownership in 1318 and twelve years before the Hohenzollern started to rule in Ansbach, King Ludwig turned the Bavarian fiefs into Imperial fiefs and invested the burgraves of Nuremberg with the land.

It was here at the castle that Burgrave Friedrich VI., who lived here in seclusion with his wife Elisabeth, called "beautiful Else", made the far-reaching decision to go to Hungary and support Emperor Sigismund.

Knight's hallAt the Imperial Diet at Constance in 1415 the Emperor therefore invested him with the Brandenburg March which was to form the core of the Prussian Empire.

The castle was never taken neither in the war of the cities in 1449 nor in the peasants' war in 1525 nor in following devastations of the small market town beneath of the castle by Imperial troops.

Restaurant Zur RemiseIn 1791 the market town was made part of Prussia together with the margravate Ansbach, in 1806 it became part of Bavaria. From 1806 until 1880 the castle was the seat of the revenue office of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Since 1880 the castle has been privately owned. From 1927 to 1964 it belonged to the last Imperial Consul in Japan Dr. Dr. hc. E. A. Voretzsch.

In 1964 the local family Unbehauen bought the castle and opened it to the public.

There is a knights hall.

Castle hotel Mid Franconia

Restaurant in the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia

Wedding functions with ceremony in the castle chapel till 60 people.Various rooms for 10 to 130 people suitable for meetings,
medieval banquets,
private and company functions.

2 seminar rooms till 25 people.

Wedding functions with ceremony in the castle chapel till 60 people.

Hotel bar.

Restaurant closed in January and February.
The hotel guests get breakfast on Tuesday morning. After breakfast, the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays for lunch and dinner. Arriving for hotel guests on Tuesday is no problem. Check-in time is on Tuesday after 2 or 3 p.m.

Castle hotel Mid Franconia

Around the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia

  • Playground in the castle court yard beside the 35 m high castle tower with swing, sandbox and seesaw.
  • Rent a bike: 2 bikes
  • 9-hole golf course right below the castle to see from some bedrooms. Distance to see about 300 m. Distance to drive about 2 km.
  • 915-gcol Bed and Breakfast Estate Mid Franconia Gutshof

Rothenburg, Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen andFeuchtwangen

The 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia is the starting point of many beautiful hiking tours and excursions to medieval towns such as Rothenburg, Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen (with the big round town wall, many town wall towers and a very high church tower with a marvelous round view) and Feuchtwangen.

Visit the Franconian Open Air Museum at Bad Windsheim and relax in the Franconian Lake Area, a paradise for swimming, surfing and sailing.

915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia, German castles road, Bavaria, between Nuremburg Nurnberg and Rothenburg o. d. Tauber

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Road map Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, Ansbach, Feuchtwangen, Dinkelsbuhl, Crailsheim, Nordlingen

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